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Learn to Ride a Motorcycle, Hassle Free

  • Learn from Personal Trainers
  • Learn in Your Area
  • Learn at Convenient Time

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Our Motorcycle Training Services

We provide motorcycle training for all types of riders – whether you would like to ride a regular motorcycle or a heavy motorcycle like Royal Enfield. Motorcycle, helmet and fuel is included in the price.

Basic Motorcycle Training

Starts from Rs. 3000

10 Hours Practical Training
Includes motorcycle, helmet, fuel

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Training

Starts from Rs. 3500

10 Hours Practical Training
Includes motorcycle, helmet, fuel

Our Happy Customers

How it Works

Its as easy as 1-2-3. Just select your location/area (eg. Rajouri Garden), select from the available coaches in your area after going through their profiles, then get coached!

Step 1

Select Your Area

Step 2

Select Your Trainer + Bike

Step 3

Get Coached

How motorcycle training can help you

Why you may need motorcycle training

You have probably wondered about bike riding at some point – be it for commuting, for the thrill of riding or for travelling to hill stations. But you could not ride because you could not find anyone credible enough to teach you motorcycle riding from the basics, and you were too scared to try. You never got the professional guidance and handholding you needed. Not anymore!

If you are a person who:

  • Is curious about motorcycle riding
  • Is nervous about riding bikes
  • Has never tried bike riding

You should definitely Register for our motorcycle coaching program

What is included

  • Personal Trainer
  • Motorcycle
  • Fuel
  • Helmet

What is not included

  • Licensing services
  • Riding Gear


  • Learners License or Permanent License
  • Ability to ride a bicycle

This is for you if

  • You are a travel enthusiast who wants to go on motorcycle trips (Leh-Ladakh, hilly areas, etc.)
  • You are planning to buy a bike
  • You want to explore motorcycling as a lifestyle
  • You want go for weekend rides & join bike riding groups
  • You want a fun way to commute and save on fuel costs
  • You want to avoid public transportation

This is not for you if

  • You are not willing to take action to learn motorcycle riding properly
  • You have never ridden a bicycle
  • You do not possess a Learners License or Permanent License

These People Love Us

Onemoto motorcycle coaching school Delhi customer reviews

Addresses rider’s needs very well

Onemoto is uniquely positioned to fill a void that is fast becoming urgent to address. Apart from addressing beginner rider needs, it would do well for regular riders to get the basics right too.


Bike training in Delhi customer reviews

Really can recommend!

Really can recommend the Motorcycle Training of Onemoto. All important things are explained in detail & shown. Also the manual is very helpful.


Complete package for bike riders

Team Onemoto provides a step to step guide towards riding a bike. The course offers a complete package starting from riding techniques in different circumstances to on road practices in traffic.


Onemoto motorcycle riding training school in Delhi customer reviews

Completely worth the money

Onemoto is completely worth the money, I knew absolute nothing about bike riding or the technicalities, so huge thanks to Onemoto for providing me the right knowledge and the experience. The instructor is very patient, the lessons are well planned in a way to make you go step by step and slowly build your confidence.


onemoto motorcycle training school dwarka customer reviews

Lot of fun!

From the patience which they show while teaching you to the theory they explain to you to give the logics behind how things work, everything works in the best way to help you learn while having lot of fun.


Bike riding school in Delhi customer reviews, Onemoto dwarka

Fantastic Experience

The overall experience was fantastic with Onemoto teaching you the basics of motorcycle and applying them in actual road conditions. Highly recommend to all those who are looking for a professional approach towards learning bike.


Frequently Asked Questions about motorcycle coaching

Q.) I want to gain knowledge about motorcycling related topics. Where can I gain such knowledge?
A.) Checkout the Better Riding section or buy our eBook Road Sense for Motorcyclists on Amazon. If you want a PDF version of essential motorcycling information, you can download this guide.

Q.) What is the eligibility to sign up for Onemoto’s motorcycle training?
A.) To sign up for any of our courses, the following is the eligibility:
– Valid Learners’ License or Permanent License, whichever is applicable. You can get your licence from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) website.
– Ability to ride a bicycle well (If you haven’t tried cycling, rent a bicycle and practice slow speed balancing and turning, as a minimum).
You can read the Terms and Conditions for motorcycle training.

Q.) What will be provided?
A.) We will provide the motorcycle, helmet and fuel.

Q.) What do I have to provide?
A.) Please ensure the following:
– Full length clothing
– Sturdy shoes (long shoelaces must be tucked in)
– No loose clothes

Q.) Is riding a motorcycle difficult? How can Onemoto help me?
A.) Riding a motorcycle may seem daunting at first, but with Onemoto, you can get the perfect start. We start from the very basics. Not only that, we provide you a Riders’ Manual which contains complete motorcycling information so that you can understand aspects like motorcycle maintenance, riding etiquette and technical knowledge, thus becoming a confident rider. Bike riding consists of 2 aspects – motorcycle control and situational awareness. Once, you develop good control of your bike, then you can start focusing on riding situations.

Q.) I am planning to buy a bike. Which one should I buy?
A.) You can email us your query, we shall help you make a better purchase decision. If you want to explore the different types of bikes available, click here.

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