Start Your Motorcycle Coaching Business

If you are any of these:

  1. Motorcycle enthusiast who wants to start your own business
  2. Freelancer working in any field
  3. Personal Coach/Trainer/Instructor (in any profession)
  4. Entrepreneur or solopreneur
  5. Online coaching business owner
  6. Freelance Tour Guide

We can help you to start your motorcycle coaching business!

What is Motorcycle Coaching Business?

A motorcycle coaching or motorcycle training business (also called motorcycle driving school business) is one which provides beginner bike riding classes to people and makes them ready to ride their bike on public roads.

What you need to start your motorcycle training business:

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Helmet and basic riding gear
  3. Training procedure/process
  4. Driving school license
  5. Safety equipment for training

Why Start 2 Wheeler Training Business

  1. Unique business, easy to build a solid brand.
  2. Low investment required.
  3. Less competition in market, easy to get and retain customers.

Ideal business for you if

  1. You want to turn your motorcycling passion into money.
  2. You have a strong desire to own a biking business but do not know where to begin.
  3. You are passionate about teaching bike riding skills.

Are you passionate about bike riding?

You can turn your passion into a business

  • Be your own boss and start making money
  • Complete, step by step business guidance provided
  • Opportunity to build your own brand

Our Happy Customers

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Complete Business Support Provided

  1. Business Ready Course – Everything you need to know to start your own motorcycle coaching business
  2. Essential Safety Kit – Makes 2 wheeler training safe, effortless and accident-free
  3. Online Portal – Customer portal for your motorcycle riding classes

Apply Now To Get Started

About Us

Onemoto is a motorcycle training/coaching organization which enables talented bike riders to start their own motorcycle coaching business. We have trained 500+ men and women in a short span of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start your motorcycle coaching business, following is the eligibility: 1.) Valid Permanent License 2.) 10,000 kms of motorcycle riding experience across various conditions
The following qualities are essential to become a good motorcycle coach: 1.) Passion for teaching riders 2.) Practical knowledge about motorcycle riding 3.) Patience to answer rider questions and deal with all training situations 4.) Excellent riding skills 5.) Good observation skills
1 training session lasts for 1 hour and every trainee needs to be provided with 10 sessions to complete the training.
Absolutely. We are providing you the complete guidance you need to start this business - namely training, marketing, know how, safety equipment, everything. You just need to take the first step and get started.

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