NorthCap University Young Riders Program

About Young Riders Program

A motorcycle training program for the students of NorthCap University wherein they can learn how to ride a bike with the safest techniques using a patented, innovative approach.

  1. Professional Trainer
  2. 6 hours practical training + 2 hours online training
  3. Motorcycle and riding gear included
  4. Weekly training in batches


  1. The student must have a Learners license.
  2. The student must know how to ride a bicycle.

Program Outcomes

  1. Ability to ride the motorcycle and utilize all of its controls effectively.
  2. Knowledge of the correct riding techniques, unlearning of incorrect habits and techniques.
  3. Imbibe safe riding habits and discard unsafe ones.

Why Get Coached?

A motorcycle coaching or motorcycle training course is designed for complete beginners who do not have any bike riding experience. It is beneficial in many ways and helps provide much needed guidance for new riders. One can expect to learn about safety gear, correct riding techniques, motorcycle mechanics, road rules and the like, thus making one ready to ride the bike on public roads.

Program Highlights:

  1. Practical + Theory training (6 hours practical + 2 hours online portal with theory lessons)
  2. Safest method of motorcycle training – 4 layers of safety
  3. Defined training curriculum for each day with high success rate
  4. Learn the safest techniques from professional trainers.
  5. Perfect solution to nervousness while bike riding.

Our Happy Customers

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About Us

Onemoto is a motorcycle training/coaching organization which provides the safest bike riding lessons to students. We have trained 500+ men and women of all ages in a short span of time.

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