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Our motorcycle training courses offer the ideal starting point into the world of motorcycles. You can learn to ride a bike safely. Whether you want to commute, tour or go for adventures, just get trained and get going!

Basic Motorcycle Coaching

A structured motorcycling course for new/beginner riders to learn the basics of motorcycle riding in a safe and efficient manner. The best place for taking your first steps in biking. Active safety and defensive riding concepts are utilized. Also includes the Onemoto Riders Manual which covers the road sense aspect of motorcycle riding.
Format: One-on-one guided sessions

1) Ability to ride a bicycle well.
2) Valid Learners’ Licence or Permanent Licence

Total Duration
Motorcycle coaching: 10 days (1 hour per day)
Scooty coaching: 10 days (1 hour per day)
(Inclusive of motorcycle, helmet and fuel)
2500/- (Motorcycle)

2000/- (Automatic Scooter)
Click here to checkout the basics of motorcycle riding.
Need a custom motorcycling course designed as per your needs? Give us a call.
If you can’t make it for the practical training sessions, don’t worry, you can still get this motorcycling Ebook on Amazon.
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Advanced Motorcycle Coaching *

For motorcycle riders/enthusiasts who own a premium motorcycle and wish to further explore its capabilities. A technique based motorcycling course that will help you learn advanced skills like:
– High speed cornering
– Counter steering
– Panic braking
– Body positioning
– Off-road body positioning
– Handling in tight situations
Format: One-on-one guided sessions

1) Ability to ride a motorcycle well. Minimum 10000 kms of riding experience on various motorcycles, in varied road conditions.
2) Must have a valid Permanent License.
Total Duration
4 to 6 hours, depending on the rider’s requirements and experience level
Price: *3500/-
*Does not include motorcycle, helmet and fuel. The coach and the rider will be on their own motorcycles.
Checkout intermediate and advanced motorcycle riding skills.
*Advanced and Intermediate Motorcycle coaching have been merged into one course.

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User Testimonials

Team Onemoto provides a step to step guide towards riding a bike. The course offers a complete package starting from riding techniques in different circumstances to on road practices in traffic.

Ankita Onemoto bike training school Delhi customer reviews

  Onemoto is uniquely positioned to fill a void that is fast becoming urgent to address. Apart from addressing beginner rider needs, it would do well for regular riders to get the basics right too. 

Anshuman Onemoto motorcycle coaching school Delhi customer reviews

Really can recommend the Motorcycle Training of Onemoto. All important things are explained in detail & shown. Also the manual is very helpful.

Bernhard Bike training in Delhi customer reviews

Onemoto is completely worth the money, I knew absolute nothing about bike riding or the technicalities, so huge thanks to Onemoto for providing me the right knowledge and the experience. The instructor is very patient, the lessons are well planned in a way to make you go step by step and slowly build your confidence. … Continue reading Ishita

Ishita Onemoto motorcycle riding training school in Delhi customer reviews

The overall experience was fantastic with Onemoto teaching you the basics of motorcycle and applying them in actual road conditions. Highly recommend to all those who are looking for a professional approach towards learning bike.

Puneet Bike riding school in Delhi customer reviews, Onemoto dwarka

From the patience which they show while teaching you to the theory they explain to you to give the logics behind how things work, everythings works in the best way to help you learn while having lot of fun.  

Rohini onemoto motorcycle training school dwarka customer reviews

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