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Q.) I want to gain knowledge about motorcycling related topics. Where can I gain such knowledge?
A.) Checkout the Better Riding section or buy our eBook Road Sense for Motorcyclists on Amazon. If you want a PDF version of essential motorcycling information, you can download this guide.

Q.) What is the eligibility to sign up for Onemoto’s motorcycle training?
A.) To sign up for any of our courses, the following is the eligibility:
– Valid Learners’ License or Permanent License, whichever is applicable. You can get your licence from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) website.
– Ability to ride a bicycle well (If you haven’t tried cycling, rent a bicycle and practice slow speed balancing and turning, as a minimum).
You can read the Terms and Conditions for motorcycle training.

Q.) What will be provided?
A.) We will provide the bike, helmet and basic knee and elbow protection.

Q.) What do I have to provide?
A.) Please ensure the following:
– Full length clothing
– Sturdy shoes (long shoelaces must be tucked in)
– No loose clothes

Q.) Is riding a motorcycle difficult? How can Onemoto help me?
A.) Riding a motorcycle may seem daunting at first, but with Onemoto, you can get the perfect start. We start from the very basics. Not only that, we provide you a Riders’ Manual which contains complete motorcycling information so that you can understand aspects like motorcycle maintenance, riding etiquette and technical knowledge, thus becoming a confident rider. Bike riding consists of 2 aspects – motorcycle control and situational awareness. Once, you develop good control of your bike, then you can start focusing on riding situations.

Q.) I am planning to buy a bike. Which one should I buy?
A.) You can email us your query, we shall help you make a better purchase decision. If you want to explore the different types of bikes available, check this article.

Q.) I am passionate about motorcycle riding and would like to work as a motorcycle coach. How can I apply for that position?
A.) We are glad to know that! Checkout this page for detailed requirements. To register as a motorcycle coach, you can apply here or write to us at info@onemoto.in.

Have more questions? We want to hear them. Contact us.


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