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Before going for your first bike ride, it will help to understand what motorcycles are all about. If you are looking for the correct motorcycling knowledge and have some unanswered questions about bike riding, you can get started here!

First up, you should know about your motorcycle’s controls (these can also be found in the owners manual).

Basic controls of a motorcycle
Various controls of a motorcycle

A motorcycle engine is a fascinating mechanical masterpiece.

Built to perfection, it consists of so many parts which have to perform together for optimum performance. The following image shows different engine parts in a typical liquid cooled motorcycle engine.

Parts of a motorcycle engine
Parts of a motorcycle engine

A rider must also know about the various parts of a motorcycle:

Parts of a motorcycle
Parts of a motorcycle

Knowing the technical aspects of motorcycle design is important for a rider. The below infographic explains motorcycle geometry.

Motorcycle geometry for different bikes
Basics of motorcycle geometry

Cruiser v/s Sport
There is noticeable difference in the handling of a cruiser motorcycle and a sport motorcycle, with the former focusing more on straight line stability and the latter focusing on agility and cornering ability.

Explore the different types of motorcycles.

Get started with motorcycle coaching!

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