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Motorcycle Cornering

Motorcycle cornering is a detailed subject and the most fun too. Whether you want to ride at a racetrack such as the Buddh International Circuit or on the streets, the aim in cornering is to maintain the right speed in the right gear at the most suitable lean angle for that particular corner at the given speed. The rider should always be riding at a speed which allows him/her to brake to a standstill within the distance that he/she can see. The following motorcycle cornering tips and techniques will enhance your technique and make you a better bike rider.

Motorcycle Cornering, bike turning, high speed cornering
Motorcycle Cornering

How to Corner properly (using Counter Steering of course)

Every corner consists of 3 parts: entry, apex and exit.

All gear changes and braking maneuvers should be done before entering the corner. Braking and accelerating while cornering leads to weight transfer, which demands more grip from the tires. Tires should be free from braking and weight transfer stresses when possible so that grip is available solely for cornering forces.
CAUTION: Do not lean the motorcycle excessively.

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1) Scan the horizon to ensure that there are no oncoming vehicles/pedestrians and also look in the Rear View Mirrors to check for vehicles/pedestrians.
2) Reduce the corner Entry Speed to a comfortable one.
3) Turn the head and eyes in the direction you want to go. Look through the turn and use the widest possible arc to gain the best and earliest view out of the corner.
4) Counter steer gently to initiate the lean into the direction of the turn. Remember to keep the elbows slightly bent to allow for natural settlement of the steering into the turn.
5) Gently roll on the throttle to allow the bike to settle into the turn and follow a smooth line.
6) Counter steer gently in the opposite direction to get the bike to straighten up at the corner Exit.

How to turn the bike properly and control its lean angle

To increase lean angle – Counter steer in the direction of the turn.
To decrease lean angle – Counter steer in the opposite direction.

What determines lean angle?
– Radius of the turn
– Speed of the motorcycle

Become more confident about cornering, read more here.

Here is a wonderful cornering video explaining the fundamentals:

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