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According to research, almost 1 in 10 people all over the world are unaware about how to ride a motorcycle. In some of the countries like India and Bangladesh, it’s more than 1 in 5!

Every year, more than 50 lakh learners licenses are issued in India and a majority of people fail the driving test.

The concept of motorcycle coaching is relatively different from learning how to drive a car – motorcycle coaching is a more specialized activity and requires professional instruction. It also requires a patient coach who is able to guide the learner, while still allowing him/her to experiment and ride without fear. It is an art. To start a motorcycle coaching business, one needs to be passionate riding and teaching.

All these aspects can be learned through a well-designed training program – in this program, various topics would be covered, such as – how to deal with the customer, how to train students using the correct techniques and using the right equipment, how to market your brand, and the like. Therefore, undergoing proper training is essential to prevent any mishaps that can be caused due to the lack of knowledge. Now, let us talk more about this business.

What is Motorcycle Coaching Business

It is a business in which the motorcycle coach provides his/her training services to the students who want to learn basic or advanced bike riding techniques for various purposes such as daily commuting, road trips, etc. This business is perfect for talented bike riders who are passionate about teaching and are willing to convert their biking talent into money.

Typical services provided by Motorcycle Coach

The responsibility of a coach is to offer his/her advice, set the right example and guide the student towards his/her intended riding outcome:

  • Practical, one on one guided training on the motorcycle
  • Theory course
  • Guidance, consultation and know how related to bike buying, maintenance, licensing, etc.

Benefits of Motorcycle Coaching Business

There are many two wheeler related businesses which require different skill sets and domain knowledge. Motorcycle coaching is one such business which is relatively easy to set up. Following are the benefits:

  1. Unique business, real opportunity to establish a solid brand.
  2. Low investment, high return on investment.
  3. Perfect opportunity to monetize motorcycling talent.

This Business is Ideal for You if

  1. You are a talented motorcycle rider who wants to monetize his/her biking talent.
  2. You have a few extra hours you can dedicate every week.
  3. You have a passion for teaching bike riding skills to others.
  4. You are an adventurous person.

Why Motorcycle Coaching is Required in India

India is a country with a large two wheeler riding population and it also witnesses one of the highest 2 wheeler related accident fatalities every year. Despite that, when it comes to motorcycle training, people learn from unqualified friends/family/relatives and are unable to find high quality, professional instructors. They have low awareness of the various benefits of motorcycle coaching. As the motorcycling industry is maturing in India, the need for safe bike riders and professional coaches is on the rise.

Why Partner With Us

We have expertise in providing motorcycle training to more than 500 men and women of all age groups and we understand what the customer wants and expects from motorcycle coaching. In addition, we have the following:

  • Online portal which contains the complete theory course (videos, info graphics, etc) to guide the students on each aspect of bike riding. It also includes complete course tracking.
  • Expertise in motorcycle coaching which enables us to offer all kinds of consultation so that we can solve all your queries satisfactorily
  • Patent-pending motorcycle coaching kit, which enables a coach to provide 100% safe and accident-free training to students

Types of Customers You Can Expect

The largest chunk of customers would be young professionals in the 25-40 years age bracket, who would be looking for the beginners bike riding course. Occasionally, college students and older people (40+) can also be expected. A small portion of these customers would be looking for a refresher course so that they can get back to riding after a long gap. The purpose and intention of learning would vary – some would be looking purely for driving license test training, some for road trips, some for daily commuting and so on.

Investment Required

If one wants to start this business, a one time investment is required in obtaining motorcycles, riding gear (helmets and knee guards, elbow guards), motorcycle insurance, basic safety equipment required for training. A motorcycle can cost you anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to 1 Lakh. Rest of the equipment can be bought for Rs. 10,000 approximately.


Motorcycling industry is at an upward trajectory in India. As it matures, the need for motorcycle coaches and safe riders would increase. It is just the right time to get started and there is a genuine opportunity to bridge the gap between talented bike riders and those who are looking to learn their skills.

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