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Traffic jams are a major problem in big metropolitan cities and countries. They are not just an inconvenience but also a huge waste of time and fuel. Imagine a situation where a critical situation occurs and supplies have to be urgently transported by land – in such a scenario where every second is crucial, traffic jams can ruin timely deliveries. Often, the time it takes to reach an emergency situation can sometimes the difference between life and death.

Motorcycles can be life savers in such critical scenarios. In this article, we will explore how motorcycles are being deployed across various industries where time is of the essence and there is no scope of mistakes.

Usage of Motorcycles in the Medical Industry

A big technological void has been looming inside the medical industry. The capability of the medical sector to provide instantaneous life-support and first aid services has been depreciating with time. The current ambulance services often fail to meet the swift first-aid needs of people.

In life and death situations, the most important thing that matters is that fast and efficient first-aid services are being provided. For a busy country like India, motorcycles are seen as one of the most compact and versatile vehicles to commute with. In addition, these are often capable of going through crowded streets easily, which makes them the perfect replacement for traditional ambulances.

The Italians are known for being the first-movers and introducing new innovations to the whole world. The country had incorporated motorcycles in the medical industry way back in 2016. A company called MTS was established by the government in 2016 that works on the mission to provide emergency health services in the remote areas.

Motorcycles and the food services industry

In the recent decade, the popularity of food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomoto has been skyrocketing. The growth of the food delivery sector is not only due to the rise in popularity of food delivery apps, but also because of the changing lifestyle and working patterns of people. The time and convenience saved by ordering food online has made it an appealing option for people who don’t have the time to cook.

People are increasingly working longer hours and having less time to cook a meal for themselves. This is where the food delivery services come into play. They can provide fresh food that are delivered straight to your door, saving you from the hassle of cooking yourself a meal after a long day at work.

”Under 30 minutes delivery or Full refund” – offers like these make the food delivery industry on top of the mind of the consumer and leads to growth. People mostly give credit to the unique innovations that different food delivery apps have brought but one hidden gem that everyone forgets are the motorcycles – the lifeblood of the industry. In the past few years, the number of delivery rides has increased manifold. This is because they are more cost-effective, agile and practical as compared to cars and vans.

Thus, by analyzing the example of the above industries in India, it is pretty clear that motorcycles can add great value any industry which prioritizes speedy service and delivery.

Fire fighter motorcycles

One of India’s most popular bike companies – Royal Enfield, is not only known for manufacturing the iconic Bullet models. You would be pleased to know that quite a few of its models have been adopted as motorcycle ambulances due to their tough build quality and high load carrying capacity (all credits to the high torque engine). The firefighter department of India made the Royal Enfield Himalayan their main vehicle in 2021, and guess what, it was a huge hit!

The bike comes fitted with a high pressure pump & 50 litre water tanks. It also comes fitted with the usual needs like foam cylinders, first aid equipment, alarm systems and siren.

Though it costs a premium (Rs. 13.5 Lakhs), but undoubtedly it is worth every penny since it can reach areas where traditional firefighters can’t and is the quickest responder in case of fires.

Summing It Up

  • Last-mile Deliveries:┬áLast-mile deliveries are a major problem for companies. In some cases, the delivery is more expensive than the product itself. This is due to the high cost of fuel and the time that it takes to deliver goods by car. Motorcycles are the perfect transportation for last-mile deliveries. They are easy to maneuver and can be used in congested areas. Moreover, they have a low carbon footprint.
  • Firefighting: As the number of wildfires and other natural disasters increases, so does the need for firefighting equipment. Motorcycles can be used to reach fires quickly and save lives. They are used by firefighters because they are fast, light, and agile. They can easily maneuver around obstacles and reach areas that cars or trucks cannot access easily. Buying motorcycles is also a cost-effective option for fire departments.
  • Ambulance services: The medical industry has seen a lot of changes over the past few years; one of the most effective changes in the health industry has been the addition of motorcycles to their arsenal. Having swift and efficient first-aid services is crucial for the health industry and this problem has been looming in the eco-system for a prolonged time. Motorcycles have been able to overcome this problem and are slowly but steadily becoming the primary mode of transportation for providing first-aid and emergency health services to the public!

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