Snapshot of Two Wheeler Sales – June 20191 min read

Curious about sales statistics of motorcycles and scooters? Here’s how our Indian two wheelers did in terms of sales in June 2019.


  • All data has been compiled from the data presented by Auto Punditz.
  • These manufacturer-reported sales numbers are factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.

The auto industry downturn has affected the two-wheeler OEMs too and overall Two-Wheeler sales reported a fall of -11.7% in June’19 v/s June’18.

The industry leader Hero Moto Corp. reported a decline in total volumes with 6,00,380 units sold in June 2019, as compared with 6,89,949 units in June 2018. Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) saw an even further dip of 15.8% in total sales in June 2019 over June 2018. HMSI sold 4,50,889 units in June 2019 as compared to total sales of 5,35,512 units in June 2018.

two wheeler sales, june 2019.jpg
SRC: http://www.autopunditz.com

It seems that only Suzuki Motorcycles showed a Year-on-Year growth of 29% in June 2019. Suzuki registered 57,023 unit sales, as compared to 46,717 units during June 2018.


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