How Bosch is revolutionizing motorcycle safety tech2 min read

Bosch has always been at the forefront of vehicle technology, be it cars, commercial vehicles or two wheelers. As the world’s leading supplier of motorcycle safety technology, several manufacturers rely on Bosch for their vehicle safety systems. Being safe on a motorcycle is of paramount importance and Bosch’s Riding safety systems are making that happen.

Take a look at the following technologies by Bosch:

1. Motorcycle ABS
As per Bosch’s website:

Around 1/4 of all relevant accidents could be prevented if every powered two-wheeler was equipped with ABS.

ABS is invaluable in panic braking situations. It reduces the risk of falling and shortens the stopping distance by preventing wheel lockup, ensuring vehicle stability and optimal deceleration while braking. The safety aspects of ABS are well-known and proven all over the world.
Moreover, the Indian Government has made ABS mandatory for all two wheelers. Read the news here.
The following video explains what ABS is all about:

2. Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC)
The Motorcycle Stability Control system supports the rider in all riding situations, during both braking and accelerating, and riding straight as well as while cornering (Safer braking, even in bends thanks to lean- and pitch-angle dependent braking control). The MSC system continuously monitors key vehicle data such as torque, lean angle, and acceleration – to detect critical situations and intervene if necessary. It works seamlessly in the background. This results in significant improvement in both riding stability and braking performance.

What’s more, you can even get features like Wheelie Control, Rear-wheel lift-up control and Traction control!

Take a look at this video to understand what we are talking about:

Want to become a safe bike rider?

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