Top 3 free performance mods for your motorcycle2 min read

A good performing motorcycle is good, but a better performing motorcycle is great! The next time you wonder about the low performance of your bike, be sure to check the below aspects before going to the mechanic:

1.)  Correct tire pressure

What is something which helps you accelerate faster, brake earlier and corner better?
Tires, correctly inflated. Yes, make no mistake about this. Following the correct inflation pressure is the best favor you can do to your motorcycle (second only to reducing weight of the vehicle). On the other hand, under-inflated tires can make all the above aspects worse, in addition to reducing the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle. Thus, properly inflated tires have the most impact on a motorcycle’s handling. (curious about handling? Know more in this article).

Correct tire pressure for bike and scooter.png
SRC: http://www.bikewale.com

Checkout the optimum tire pressure for your motorcycle in from this list.

2.) Clean and properly adjusted chain
A dirty chain, with the dust trapped, reduces acceleration and fuel efficiency because it induces more drag on the running components (sprocket). Moreover, if the chain is loose, then it further reduces acceleration (there will be a noticeable lag in acceleration of the motorcycle). A clean chain lets the motorcycle run freely and accelerate quickly.
Chain and sprocket are also called “final drive” components.

Chain drive
3.) Clean air filter
If you have ever checked out the underseat area of your motorcycle, you probably know what is being talked about. Yes, the air filter is a crucial component for your engine as it filters all the environmental air to provide clean air to your engine.

Yamaha FZ underseat area.jpg
Video credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkvPAgO8HWY

Your engine needs air and fuel to make power, a dirty or choked air filter means lesser air going into the engine, and thus, improper combustion taking place. In extreme cases, this can lead to severely dropped fuel efficiency. Below is what an air filter looks like:

Air filter.png

Of course there are many more additional/external modifications you can do to extract every bit of performance from your prized motorcycle, but its always good to start with the basics ; ).

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