Nervous about bike riding? Follow these tips (Part 1)3 min read

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India is a market with huge potential for two wheelers. Motorcycles and scooters are a fun, efficient form of transportation, specially when you know how to how to ride them well. In the past decade, motorcycling has changed rapidly – riding clubs, tours, adventure biking, lifestyle biking, you name it, we have it.

However, there are a still lot of people who are a bit nervous about bike riding, specially new riders. You can develop good control with the following tips:

Master Tip 1: Take your own time

Learning is not a race. Give yourself enough time to learn the skills necessary for not just riding from A to B, but enjoying the ride as well. This will come with practice and patience. There are plenty of empty spaces available where you can understand how you ride, your riding abilities, how your bike handles in different situations and the like.

Master Tip 2: Don’t follow any wrong advice/habit

Not every rider on the road will be doing the right things or following the right riding habits. Nobody will tell you how to ride right. It is your responsibility alone to make sure you ride in total control and in perfect safety. This will happen when you get the basics right (checkout the basics here).
What wrong habits are we talking about?
Riding fast on every empty stretch even when you can’t see ahead properly, honking unnecessarily, braking harder than needed, accelerating too quickly are just some of the habits which are detrimental to your bike as well as to people around you.

Master Tip 3: Practice fine throttle control

Nobody wants to go 60 when they should be doing 40. Facing problems with controlling the throttle? Practice slow speed riding (upto 10 km/h), just like we teach in our motorcycle training sessions. If you need to increase the speed, do so in small increments of the throttle. Do this while riding in a straight line as well as in curves (Figure of 8, U turn, etc.). You will see a difference.

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  1. I want to train how to drive and improve skills of Motorcycle.

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