Universal Motorcycling Rules1 min read


1) Look where you want to go
A motorcycle/scooter is very sensitive to handlebar inputs and will go where the rider’s arms turn. The action of looking invariably causes the arms to align in that direction. So, the bike follows. Therefore, you must look accurately in the direction you wish to go.

2) Look far ahead
You must scan the road ahead for any obstacles.

3) Maintain buffers
A buffer is the safety distance/safety cushion which a rider must maintain to safeguard him/herself from any sudden braking or emergency maneuvers from the vehicle in front. You must also ensure to maintain a buffer from the vehicle at the back and from the sides.

4) Plan Escape Routes
Escape route is simply an alternative pre-planned route/path to be taken in case of emergency maneuvers by the vehicle in front.

5) Be smooth
Smooth riding is the hallmark of a proficient rider. The smoother you can ride, the better a rider you can be.

6) Use hand gestures where needed
Motorcyclists have a distinct advantage when it comes to using visible hand gestures: they can express their intent in a more pronounced manner, while turning, stopping and the like.

7) Focus
The best riders are the most focused ones. You don’t have to sit still for meditation.

Correct body position enhances focusImage credits: https://www.hatchillustrations.com/

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