Road Sense for Motorcyclists eBook1 min read

If you are passionate about bike riding and are willing to go the extra mile to improve your skills, then you must give ‘Road Sense for Motorcyclists’ a read. Written with the intention of upskilling motorcycle riders, it educates them about road sense by taking the classic ‘man and motorcycle’ approach. It explores the techniques needed to become a total control motorcyclist and is filled with tips and tricks where they are relevant to the topic. Moreover, it is a great supplement to our coaching sessions.

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There are 35 sections in this book which deal with essentials like:

– Riding etiquette
– Cornering
– Correct body position
– Active safety
– Emergency procedures
– Effective braking techniques
– Fuel efficient motorcycling …and many more topics which are of practical usage in daily riding. You will thoroughly appreciate the knowledge contained in this book and enjoy its clear and concise layout.

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